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Industry Portfolios

Updated: May 5, 2021

Hey everyone,

Lately I've been giving feedback to students about their online portfolios and websites, and I thought it'd be helpful to gather a list of industry portfolios so students can see a wider variety of ways to present their work.

I asked on Twitter, and as always the wonderful game dev community delivered and allowed me to share their portfolios with you! I can always add more as time goes by, so feel free to leave a comment if you would like to add your portfolio to the list.

The more we have, the better! There are a wide range of roles and seniorities here too.

Thank you to everyone that contributed so far, you're awesome <3

Hope this helps you out when designing your own portfolio :D

Level Design [Level Designer] [Tech Level Designer + Mocap & Creative Tech]

2D Art

3D Art [Associate Hardsurface Artist] [Junior Environment Artist] [Senior Environment Artist] [Senior Environment Artist] [Senior Environment Artist] [Principal Artist/Hard Surface] [Principal Material Artist] [Associate Lead Environment Artist] [Lead Environment Artist]

Lighting/Cinematography [CG Cinematographer / Director & Scene Builder]

Programming [Senior Programmer]


Writing & Narrative [+ Directing & more!] [Writer, Narrative Designer, Poet]

Game Design [Game Designer] [Senior Game Designer] [Lead System Designer/Founder]

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