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What does a Producer do?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is 'What do you do exactly?' And I don't blame anyone for asking this question, the role of Producer is one of the most undefined roles in the industry and can differ greatly depending on the company.

But never fear, there are some commonalities that do exist most of the time, and I've put them here in this video so you can see at a high level exactly what the roles and responsibilities of a Producer are.

Ultimately, it comes down to making sure the game you are working on comes out on time, at the expected budget and the expected quality, as well as making sure communication is flowing freely between teams.

Honestly when I joined the game industry I did not know what a Producer was or their function was in a team. Now I've realised it is a key role that can help shift the burden from team members that are already busy and helps them focus on their work (if done correctly, most on that later!)

Hopefully this gives a useful overview - but fellow Producers, if you have more to add then do leave a comment!



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1 opmerking

20 jun. 2022

It was a great video! I would love to watch your another video about production processes ;)

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